Hi! I’m Chhavi Agarwal.

I am a professional marketing writer based in New Delhi, India. 

I am obsessed with with helping marketing agencies and MarTech businesses with in-depth and seductive blog posts that drive qualified traffic and builds online authority. 

In my free time, I love to read established marketing blogs. My favourites being – Quicksprout and MarTech Today. 


My copy is 

  • conversational and easy to read
  • data-driven
  • actionable and 
  • search engine friendly.

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I am also easy going, feedback-receptive, learning-ready, deadline fanatic and quirky. 

I go beyond what’s assigned to me if I think it can drive revenue for you. 

Look at this 

"This blog was very well written and the pictures are very relevant as well. I also loved the idea of the downloadable PDF."
Dheeraj Sharma
CEO of Playablo

 You know what’s surprising?

I started out as a contract drafting attorney and I was so damn dedicated to it. I thought that was IT! 

But, no. 

I have always been a writer in some capacity so when I quit my job in 2016 it was only logical for me take up writing. 

and, here I am!

Things you can learn about it over a cup of chai (tea)

  1. I am originally from Varanasi and it is one of the oldest cities in the freaking world. 
  2. I love GIFs, quoting TV show dialogues (mostly Chuck Lorre ones) and emojis.
  3. I travel a lot 

Enough about me. I would love to know more about you. 

Email me at chhavi@contentwriterguru.com and let’s talk.